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    What is the best way to run my vehicle air conditioner

    What is the best way to run my vehicle air conditioner


    People are always looking for ways to extend the life of their vehicle. This is a good thing, and the great news is that there are plenty of ways that you can do it. The air conditioner may be just one item on your vehicle, but it is an important one that people care about. Especially during warmer weather.


    Here are some ways you can run your vehicle’s air conditioner and help keep it in tip-top shape:


    What is the best way to run my vehicle air conditioner


    • Feel free to use it whenever you feel you need it. Many people try to avoid using their air conditioners because they believe that it uses more petrol. The research on this doesn’t support that idea. In fact, if you are going to be doing freeway driving, you are always better off opting for the air conditioner to cool you off.
    • Use it regularly, even during the colder and cold months. This is because if it sits untouched for months on end, the components can begin to break down faster. You should use it at least every few weeks to keep everything from drying out, which could lead to leaks.
    • Be sure to get your air conditioner inspected regularly. Some people recommend every two years as an ideal time for having it inspected. Ideally, you should aim for having it checked out at the beginning of each summer. This will keep it working in the best shape for the season.
    • Pay attention to any problems that may arise and get them addressed right away. The longer you put them off, the more they may end up costing. Issues to keep in mind include wet carpeting, abnormal noises coming from it, a reduction in air or air quality or coldness, or a mildew smell.


    Taking care of your vehicle’s air conditioner can be as easy as using it, paying attention to changes it may have, and then getting it serviced regularly.


    At Keepin’ Cool, our fully qualified air conditioning technicians can give you a detailed report on the condition of your system and help you out with any necessary repairs and maintenance. We want to get your air-con working to its optimal performance, so make an appointment to see us today!

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