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    Time For Your Car Air Conditioning Service

    Time For Your Car Air Conditioning Service


    Car Air Conditioning Service. There’s a chill in the air and summer is well and truly over. Who thinks about their car’s air conditioning at this time of year? Well, don’t be fooled – although we are moving into winter, it’s not time to forget about it. It might be time for a service.

    You may not know this, but all vehicle air conditioning systems leak to some degree as refrigerant escapes through the pipe joins. A well as it is a natural result of the vibration and ageing of rubber hoses and ‘O’ ring seals in the system.

    If you don’t keep an eye on it, you might notice you’re not only a bit warmer than usual, but that you’re spending more at the petrol pump. Also, if the leaks get more significant, then more refrigerant escapes. Also, as well as the system can’t cool the air as well. If it’s been a while since you’ve checked out your system, you may be running on a low amount of oil and gas. Also, this reduces your compressor’s capacity to run efficiently, costing you extra in fuel.

    How can you avoid this? We recommend regular checks of your vehicle’s air conditioner system.

    If you want, try checking things out yourself first. There are a few obvious things to look out for that could mean your system is breaking down.


    • Drive belt tension
    • Blocked air flow through the Condenser and Radiator
    • Visible signs of Refrigerant oil stain at the compressor, hoses, pipes or fittings.
    • Loose or faulty compressor mounting brackets
    • Service port caps missing


    Time For Your Car Air Conditioning Service


    If you’re still not sure after visual inspection, it’s easy to put it in the capable hands of the professionals. An aircon technician will make sure the condition of your car air conditioning system and its overall performance is up to scratch, and an annual inspection does the job. And even if everything appears to be working well. A service of the system recommend every two years. Why? Estimated say you lose between 20-30% of the initial gas charge over two years and this figure based on NEW vehicles.

    Any car manufacturer will tell you that your Air-Con system should be recharged with gas and lubricant every two years. It doesn’t happen when you take your car for its regular service, so the chances are that if your vehicle is more than two years old, it’s probably time for a Re-Gas and Re-Charge.

    At Keepin’ Cool, our fully qualified air conditioning technicians can give you a detailed report on the condition of your system and help you out with any necessary repairs and maintenance. We want to get your air-con working to its optimal performance, so make an appointment to see us today!

    time for your car air conditioning service

    Here you will find a list of some vehicle types we carry out and Car Aircon Regas Service. If your vehicle type is not on the list, please give us a call:

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