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    Pets Love a Cool Car

    Pets Love a Cool Car


    Pets Love a Cool Car if your dog is like most. They tend to get excited about the idea of getting to go somewhere with you. With one shake of the keys and “come on” your dog heads for the door and excited to go bye-bye. But during warmer months it is essential to consider the temperature before taking your pet along in the car.

    Dogs need a cool car to be in if they are going to be taken out during the warmer months. Left in an unattended car even for minutes on a hot day, the temperature inside the vehicle can rise within minutes. If the temperature is 29 degrees Celsius, it can quickly climb to over 48 degrees Celsius in a car that even has the windows wound down a bit. Pets left in hot vehicles can also lead them to have heat stroke and brain damage.


    Does that mean you can’t take your dog for a ride when it’s hot outside? Not at all! But it does mean that you should have air conditioning that is working well. And not have any plans of leaving the dog unattended in the car. Here are a few things to keep in mind when taking your pet with you in the car when it’s a hot day:

    • Always take along some water for your pet to drink. Being outdoors they need to drink more when it’s warmer out.
    • Be sure to have a leash with you in the car as well. Even if you don’t have plans of getting out of the car to use it. That way if something happens and you need to get out you will have what you need to help keep your dog nearby and safe.
    • If you are travelling and need to give your dog breaks. Look for places that offer shade, such as parks and rest areas.


    Pets Love a Cool Car


    Taking a ride keeps your dog, and you, happy and on the go. But making sure your car has an excellent running air conditioner. It will keep both of you more satisfied and more comfortable.

    If your car air conditioner isn’t working as it should contact us at Keepin’ Cool. We specialise in car air conditioning, and we have helped many people in the Brisbane area keeping themselves, and their dogs, cool for years!

    At Keepin’ Cool, our fully qualified air conditioning technicians can give you a detailed report on the condition of your system and help you out with any necessary repairs and maintenance. We want to get your air-con working to its optimal performance, so make an appointment to see us today!

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